meetOne data security

Last week we have sent an email to all our users, in which we have sent you a new password. Reason for this was that the meetOne app, like many other apps on the market, did not use an encryption for communication between app and server. The IT journalists from Heise kindly contacted us and pointed the vulnerability before publication, so meetOne closed this vulnerability within two hours and before publication.
Then meetOne analyzed all server log files. There were two unusual requests, one of Heise due to their article (it was deleted directly by Heise) and the other has accessed 20 records. The users of the relevant records were informed by meetOne separately and in detail. Even if data loss can be excluded, all passwords were changed by meetOne and users were informed. However, we recommend all users who used the password for meetOne and for other services to change it promptly.

We expressly point out that at no time access to the database was given or data was published in big measure.

With the help of professional data security experts we want to keep our encryption of the meetOne network up to date and ensure data security for our members. We take the security of our members very seriously and apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. If you have further questions please contact us at


meetOneToGo App Update

We apologize for the inconvenience the last version of our iOS app caused.
Over the last weeks we received negative feedback on how our app used the native iPhone SDK feature connecting to the Contacts App. Our aim was to provide you with a better experience by connecting you with people you know. However, in the last version of the app it was done in a wrong way and we’ve shut down this feature immediately after we received first complaints.

meetOne Team realized its mistake in the app and submitted a new version for the expedited app review to Apple. Right now we’re waiting for getting through a quick review process and aim to provide you with an app where we proceed with any communication and data submission only after you explicitly grant us your permission. The latest version of the app will also use only Secure Socket Layer protocol. We also assure you that we don’t store on our servers any data available in Contacts of your iOS device.

We suggest you to control access to your data by downloaded apps on your smartphone through granting or restricting this through “settings” on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. We look forward to your feedback, questions and suggestions for improvement of the app via


meetOne Android App – betatest

I would appreciate to announce, that we finally published an Android App on Google Play. I have to disappoint these expectations for the moment.

BUT: We take the final steps.
Before submitting the App we want to massivly test it. In oposit of the iPhone exist many different devices for Android. Devices which differ on technical specifications, varying operation systems versions, and of course diverse screensizes and resolution.

Not to publish a version, which is not satisfying all our Android Users, because there are bugs and issues on the several phones, we decided to try to capture this in advance.

We give an exclusive beta-version to our members, which can test it.

The only condition is:

You own an android smartphone and an account on meetOne. And you are willing to send us feedback on your experience with the app. If you want to go for this test, please send a message to the meetOneTeam

Among all replies which reach us 14 days after the receiption of the app. We draw as one six months Superpack and four times 500 Coins for


meetOne for heaven and hell

This is our TV-commercial “meetOne for heaven and hell”. I hope you like it. Please feel free to leave yor comment. I am looking forward to your feedback

Enjoy it