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my name is Nikki. I’m the meetOne company dog, a small moscow toy terrier with a big heart. Everyone is busy at the office right now. They are working on making meetOne even better. So there is no one playing with me :-( Well, I have to find another amusement. I will introduce you with the team. They are working so hard, they don’t even have time to do that on their own. But I am sure you want to know who is behind the scenes of meetOne.


Mila, The soulOfmeetOne

Mila is our master of disaster. She loves it when a plan comes together. For that happening she puzzles everything together. Mostly she is doing up to three or four things at the same time. Multi tasking is her middle name. She always keeps track of everything. Someone has to do it. If problems ever occur, Mila is solving them immediately.

Office-Hobby: Office-Cam Paparazzi.


Viktor, The userWhisperer

Viktor is the community manager. Together with his team of mods he’s taking care of all your needs and wishes. He checks the noFake-photos. So he has seen many people holding spoons at their faces. That looks really funny sometimes. Don’t care, other users won’t see those pics. So there is nothing you have to be embarrassed of. In the morning Viktor often comes with a cup of coffee for everybody. They are so happy about that. He drinks his coffee always black, except of Fridays.

Office-Hobby: Getting coffee, latte macchiato and cappuccino, walking and running with me (Nikki).


Max, The lingoGuru

Max doesn’t like coffee. He is responsible for online marketing and social media. Besides he is running our blog and is writing almost everything. If you receive our
newsletter next time, it’s probably written by him.

Office-Hobby: playing with me (Nikki) and developing wild ideas.


Jens, The helpingHand

Jens is our geek. Development and optimization of all our new product features are in his hands. So that you don’t have to wait too long, he makes sure all deadlines will be followed.

Office-Hobby: Jens loves the snack box at the hallway and he is an excellent SIM card cutter.


Venera, Venus

Venera is a virtual economy queen. She is inventing new functions, cares about interaction and user flow for joyful user experience at meetOne.

Office-Hobby: cuddling with me (Nikki)


Moritz, Mozze

Moritz is responsible for our business development. He deals with our partners. Therefore most off the day he talks on the phone. Mozze can be a loudmouth. With his funny jokes he brings the whole office to laugh.

Office-Hobby: Eating lots of „Smint“

Everyone is working at the big desk. TEAM WORK is very important for us. Best ideas come around in a group. Besides they all have a lot of fun together. Everyone is laughing quite often. Even as a dog I can feel the good vibrations of their working spirit. And I’m not a worker, I tell you ;-) Every day I am happy to
come to the office. Can you say that about yourselves?

Everybody is helping each other, especially for me. Look over – there are my dog biscuits. Unfortunately I can’t reach them by myself. So I need someone to be aware of me. Bow wow. I did it. Priceless, what you can reach with a single barking and puppy dog eyes ;-) Everybody loves me. No wonder, I am a TV-star. You don’t believe me? Take a close look at our TV-commercials. I’m appearing in one of them.

No one is offended that my toys are laying around in the office. So you can see how easy and cool they are. Typically start-up, much work but loving it. That’s a hell lots more fun than in a boring big company where everybody is wearing suits and ties. We are different and will stay. I will take care of it, promise!

If I’m not sitting on someone’s gap I chill out in my cool doghouse. There I can perfectly see what’s going on or take a nap.

I would love to tell you more about meetOne but someone has to take me for a walk right now. You know…

Take care


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